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shoulder injuryA shoulder injury can be incredibly painful and restricting. Things you once did with ease, such as driving your car or playing with your kids, may now be very difficult. Whether you are dealing with a shoulder separation, a dislocated shoulder from a Portland bicycle accident, ligament tears from an Oregon car crash or a fracture in downtown Portland pedestrian accident, if that injury was caused by the negligence of another person, you can seek compensation for your losses. As a successful personal injury law firm, we can protect your rights and help you obtain maximum compensation.

How Were You Injured?

Portland shoulder injury attorney Sarah Nelson handles many types of personal injury claims. In our experience, we have found that shoulder and rotator cuff injuries are frequently caused by:

Maximum Compensation for Your Injuries & Medical Bills

Our law firm considers the long-term consequences of your current shoulder or rotator cuff injury. You may require surgery to reconstruct tendons, ligaments and tissues to bring back as much function as possible. After the surgery, you may require follow-up care, pain medication and physical therapy. If you are missing time from work, you will need to have ongoing physical therapy or will incur other medical expenses; we craft those costs into the settlement demand.

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