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neck injuryNeck, back and spine injuries can be life-changing, but oftentimes the true extent of the damage does not materialize until days or weeks after the accident. In addition to working with an experienced, compassionate personal injury attorney, it’s imperative that you focus on receiving the medical attention you need.

Send the Bills for Back & Neck Injuries Where They Belong

If you or someone you care about has experienced a neck, back or spine injury, you may be worried about the costs of medical care and future accommodations. These injuries can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses, exorbitant sums of money that many injury victims are simply unable to pay.

Holding Responsible Parties Accountable

Taking legal action is an effective way to hold negligent individuals and businesses accountable for the harm they’ve caused. It is also a way for accident victims to gain compensation for the pain and suffering they’ve experienced, as well as for missed work, medical expenses and the cost of continuing medical care. Compensation can also cover the costs of rehabilitation, wheelchairs and adaptive devices in homes and cars.

What it Takes to Win Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

A successful outcome requires more than just filing a lawsuit and waiting for a settlement offer to come in. Your lawyer must work diligently in preparing your case for trial. Sarah Nelson, P.C. will collect medical records, consult experts, interview witnesses and gather all relevant evidence. Our clients often receive favorable settlement offers from insurance companies as their lawyers do not want to see us in court. They know that we are well prepared and that we have a reputation for success, which is why they’re far more likely to settle than go to trial.

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