Committed Personal Injury Lawyer Defending Victims of Debris & Unsecured Load Accidents

debris unsecured loadSometimes it’s not necessarily another vehicle that causes an accident, but objects that have fallen out (or off of) that vehicle. Whether it’s a mattress that has been improperly secured or a product being shipped down the highway, loose debris can create a dangerous hazard resulting in serious accidents.

If you’ve been injured due to another driver’s failure to secure their load, you need a lawyer who will work on your behalf to receive a fair settlement. Compensation is necessary to pay for medical expenses, lost wages and/or property damage. Having represented Portland clients since 2010, attorney Sarah Nelson knows how to fight insurance companies and win. She’s committed to focusing on your financial recovery so that you can concentrate on getting better.

Swerving into a Life Detour

If a vehicle in front of you suddenly drops luggage, furniture or any other type of debris onto the roadway, your first instinct is probably to swerve to avoid it. But what do you swerve into? Unfortunately, the two most likely likely candidates are:

  1. Another Driver
  2. The Ditch/Median

Either of these options can cause a serious accident that will leave you injured and strapped with crippling medical bills. Sarah Nelson, P.C. has the experience and fortitude to wade into the details of a debris and unsecured load accident claim. She’ll work tirelessly to uncover the facts and advocate for the best possible settlement.

Loose Cargo Can Cause Catastrophes

Loose cargo doesn’t always land neatly in the road; sometimes it can come crashing through the windshield. These accidents are often terrifying and can lead to extreme injuries, including:

Depending on the injuries sustained, you may need extensive medical treatment. This includes surgery, intensive care and/or long-term rehabilitation, not to mention the costs you’ll face from missed work. In some cases, victims may not be able to return to work at all. In the worst-case scenario, you may need to pursue a wrongful death claim against a negligent driver who caused a fatal accident involving a loved one.

Insurance Companies Protect Their Bottom Line

Unfortunately, insurance companies are usually more concerned with their own well-being than that of you and your family. This means that despite suffering a life-changing injury, you’ll likely have to fight for every penny of compensation. But that’s attorney Sarah Nelson’s job, not yours. Sarah worked for an insurance company for several years, providing her with a unique insight into what needs to be done to ensure you receive just compensation.

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