Portland Attorney Helping Victims of Rollover Accidents

rollover accidentRollover accidents cause approximately one-third of all passenger vehicle deaths, according to the Department of Transportation. That means more than 10,000 people are killed in rollover crashes every year. Even when they are not fatal, rollover accidents tend to cause serious, debilitating injuries. If you have lost a loved one or been injured in a rollover accident caused by someone else’s negligence, we can help you. At the law office of Sarah Nelson, P.C., we represent victims of all types of motor vehicle crashes, including rollover accidents. Now is the time to discuss your situation with an experienced Portland attorney.

Strong Advocacy & Experience

Maximizing the money you recover following your accident is important. Insurance companies work hard to avoid paying full value in serious car accident cases. They may offer you a quick settlement to trick you into accepting a tiny portion of what you deserve. If you accept a small settlement, you will be responsible for the medical bills and other expenses left over when that money runs out.

Persuading an insurance company to give you full compensation after your accident is not easy. Once you factor in medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and rehabilitation costs, a serious accident can be incredibly expensive. Your well-being is not important to insurance companies. The goodwill generated from paying one claim is not worth it to them. You must force the insurance company to live up to its responsibilities and pay you what you deserve.

As a former in-house lawyer for a large Oregon insurance company, Sarah Nelson knows how to protect you. Sarah stopped representing insurance companies to protect injury victims like you. She now uses her experience to offer tough advocacy and knowledgeable representation in rollover accidents and other motor vehicle accident cases.

Pursuing Compensation from Every Angle

Rollover accidents can be the result of several mistakes. If another driver forces you to take evasive action, it can cause your car to roll over. Even if another driver contributed to the accident, there may be other sources of compensation. Some vehicles are prone to rollover accidents. Vehicle defects and defective tires can cause a rollover when one should not have occurred. We are able to pursue compensation from every party that contributed to your accident. We have the skills and resources to take on insurance companies and automakers to give you the best chance of recovering the money needed to move forward.

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