Committed to Defending Hit & Run Car Accident Victims in Portland

hit and runNo matter what the size, car accidents are stressful events. Pedestrian accidents can be even more jarring. If you’ve suffered an injury, you first assess your injuries. Then you look for the offender. What if the offender isn’t there? What if they’ve fled the scene? You need to know what to do at the scene and afterward to maximize your chance of recovering financially for the injuries you suffered.

What to Do if the Other Car Flees the Scene

An accident can happen in seconds, and the events that transpire after an accident can fly by just as fast. You may look up and see the car that hit you speeding away from the scene. These types of hit-and-run accidents are all too common.

What do you do if you’ve been the victim of a hit and run accident? How do you hold a party responsible for a hit and run car accident?

  • The first step is to look around and take note of as much as you can. If you can, get the make and model or the car. Even better if you can get the offender’s license plate number. Talk to witnesses and get not only their story, but their contact information so you know how to find them later.
  • Fleeing the scene of a car accident is a crime. Call the police right away. They will pick up the investigation where you left off. If they find the offender and issue a citation, your ability to collect monetary damages for your injuries increases substantially.
  • Next you need to hire a hit-and-run car accident attorney who knows what they’re doing. Someone who has handled these cases, who knows how to find pathways to collection even if you never find the offender. Many times, your own insurance policy can be tapped into for collection.

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