Portland Attorney Dedicated to Bringing Drunk Drivers to Justice

drunk drivingMost people know that drunk driving is against the law, and that there are very serious criminal consequences for those who choose to do it anyway. Most people can even recite Oregon’s legal blood alcohol limit (.08), what the term FST means and what a breathalyzer is. This is because drunk driving has tragically touched many of our lives, with some of us having lost loved ones at the hands of an intoxicated driver.

Taking Drunk Drivers to Court

Driving drunk is negligent conduct. This means that you can hold a drunk driver responsible in the state of Oregon for any injuries caused by their reckless conduct.

Juries generally don’t offer much sympathy to drunk driving defendants. A Portland auto accident attorney with experience prosecuting civil claims against drunk drivers can maximize the compensation you or your loved one receive following the accident.

In many circumstances, intoxicated drivers who cause auto accidents can be held liable for what are known as punitive damages. Punitive damages are a special type of damages designed to punish the irresponsible driver and dissuade them from driving drunk in the future.

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