Effective Personal Injury Attorney Helping Portland Clients With Accidents Requiring Surgery

requiring surgeryThose of you who have suffered an accident requiring surgery know that there is no such thing as a minor surgery. Accidents requiring back or neck surgery can require months of painful attempts at recovery and are often just the beginning of a long, painful rehabilitation.

There is No Such Thing as an Easy Surgery

Even a relatively quick and safe surgical procedures can carry increased risks, from errors and infection to a surgery that simply does not correct the problem. Sometimes a second surgery, or even multiple follow-up surgeries, are required to more fully address the problem. Furthermore, battling with insurance companies, whether yours or the party’s who caused the accident, can become a time-consuming and daunting task.

Experience Representing Injured Clients

Sarah Nelson, P.C., is a Portland accident injury attorney who handles serious injury cases, including injury-related surgery insurance claims and related lawsuits. Those cases include surgeries resulting from any number of different types of accidents, including:

Sarah Nelson, P.C., handles all types of surgery cases, including those involving:

Don’t Skimp on a Lawyer When You’re Hurt

When you have been in an accident that requires surgery, you need an Oregon lawyer with enough experience to know that surgery cases require a special type of experience. An Oregon injury lawyer who knows how to gather evidence, analyze medical records and work with physicians and surgeons. More than anything else, you need an Oregon injury lawyer who understands how to present a lost wages and/or lost income case in a forceful and persuasive manner, one that clearly communicates your story to the jury.

Communicating the Full Cost of an Accident

Injuries requiring surgery can be life changing. Recreational or stress-relieving activities such as walking, jogging, hiking or riding a bicycle often become more difficult, even impossible. Many injury clients have trouble picking up their children or doing simple chores around the house. Sometimes a surgery cannot correct these problems, leaving the victim with permanent limitations and/or multiple surgeries.

As a former insurance company lawyer, Sarah Nelson, P.C., knows how best to present your insurance claim. Oregon insurance companies know Sarah, and they’re well aware that if they do not make a fair offer, she’ll have no problem taking the case to trial as an effective courtroom advocate. The result is simple: either you end up with a fair settlement or you maximize your recovery at trial.

Sarah Nelson, P.C. is committed to seeking maximum compensation for Portland clients struggling with accidents requiring surgery. Call (503) 417-4227 now to schedule your free consultation.