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Angry Drivers Hurt People

road rageWe all know road rage is a problem. Even in Oregon, where studies have pegged Portland as the nation’s most courteous driving city, angry driving is an inevitable issue.

We’ve all heard the horror stories about raging drivers who pull a gun or bat, or engage in some other form of violence. But, road rage induced car accidents are a huge and under-reported problem on our nation’s roads.

When you are driving angry, you’re much more likely to be driving carelessly or even recklessly. When another driver has caused a car accident because that driver couldn’t contain his or her emotions, and you have suffered injuries as a result, you can hold that driver responsible in monetary damages for the injuries the driver caused by their negligence.

What is Road Rage?

Unlike the well-publicized and relatively easily defined problem of drunk driving accidents, road rage is more of an amorphous concept. Many of us simply know it when we see it. Road rage is tailgating, honking, lewd gestures, yelling, abrupt lane changes, or quick acceleration. Road rage is abandoning safe and courteous driving practices in favor of letting aggression take the wheel.

Aggressive Driving Accidents: a City & Country Problem

Aggressive driving is both a rural and urban phenomenon. Perhaps not surprisingly, urban drivers stuck in traffic have multiple opportunities to get cut off or rear-ended, and many excuses to let their anger take control. Studies also show that the longer your commute, the more likely you are to get angry. That means rural drivers are susceptible to bouts of rage.

If you have been injured in a road rage driven auto wreck, you and your lawyer may be able to hold that angry driver responsible for the injuries they have caused. You may even be able to hold the driver accountable for punitive damages.

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