Pedestrian & Crosswalk Accidents

Crossing the Street Should Never Lead to Catastrophe

pedestrian accidentsOne of the primary areas of attorney Sarah Nelson’s personal injury practice involves protecting the rights of pedestrians walking the streets of Portland, Salem or Vancouver, as well as those in Oregon’s more rural communities. Many car accident lawyers describe themselves as crosswalk or walking accident lawyers, but few understand the nuances of prosecuting a claim on behalf of Portland pedestrians.

The Downside of Going Green

Oregon is as green a state as any in the United States. Sustainability begins with reducing our carbon footprint, and most everyone knows by now that walking or bicycling instead of driving goes a long way toward protecting our environment. Many of us also believe that aside from the environmental concerns, walking is an inherently relaxing, grounding form of exercise.

Portland is a walking city, but walking in congested areas is not without risk. Pedestrians are no match for automobiles when the two collide. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents in Portland occur much more frequently than you might think.

In today’s distracted driver culture, pedestrian and crosswalk accidents are on the rise. Whether caused by a driver on a cell phone, an impaired driver who is driving drunk, or an otherwise negligent driver who fails to pay attention while driving, pedestrian accidents can be fatal. Indeed, the highest percentage of pedestrian accidents occur in marked crosswalks, the very areas designated for pedestrians to safely traverse our busy thoroughfares.

Astute Representation When You Need It

Following a pedestrian-related accident, attorney Sarah Nelson will commence an accident scene investigation to determine the best way forward. Police records must be examined and witnesses must be interviewed.

When the time is right, Sarah will open a dialogue with the driver’s insurance carrier and file a lawsuit to maximize your recovery. Pedestrian and crosswalk lawsuits require a skill set distinct from that associated with run of the mill car accident cases. If you or a loved one has recently been involved in a pedestrian and/or crosswalk-related accident, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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