Portland Intersection Accident Lawyer

intersection accidentWith nearly 10 years of experience working inside one of the nation’s largest insurance companies, Sarah Nelson brings an uncommon set of skills and experience to even the most common accidents on the roads of Portland or anywhere in Oregon. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 40 percent of all motor vehicle accidents occur at intersections.

Experience Counts

Regardless of how the accident took place, the fact is that any person injured by a negligent motorist can benefit from the services of an experienced lawyer. Portland intersection accident attorney Sarah Nelson has successfully represented many people harmed in all types of motor vehicle accidents.

Bold & Informed Representation

In any injury claim, it is critical that your lawyer is willing to bring your case before a judge and jury if necessary. Sarah is a veteran trial lawyer, having brought more than 100 cases to trial or arbitration. Moreover, Sarah was an insurance defense attorney before opening her law practice. As a result, she is known throughout Portland and beyond for her unique approach. This gives your case immediate credibility from the insurance company.

Sarah will immerse herself in the details of your case to identify and prove all aspects. Whether your accident occurred at an uncontrolled intersection, because someone ran a red light, or through some other circumstance, Sarah will leverage her experience to help you recover the financial resources you need.

Sarah Nelson, P.C. offers a free, confidential consultation to discuss your injuries. Call (503) 417-4227 to get started.