Committed Portland Attorney Represents Head-On Accident Cases

head on accidentHead-on collisions are more likely than other types of accidents to cause catastrophic injuries, or prove fatal. That’s because the force of impact is so much greater when two cars collide head-to-head. The impact can be even greater if one of the vehicles is a large truck, bus or is otherwise larger than the other car.

Refusing to Back Down

Victims of head-on collisions often face heavy costs from surgeries, rehabilitation or lost wages from being unable to work. More than any other kind of accident, head-on collisions require a lawyer who will not back down from a fight with an insurance company that is denying claims or causing delays. Portland attorney Sarah Nelson knows insurance company tactics inside and out. She won’t be fooled and will go after the maximum amount of compensation you deserve after suffering a traumatic head-on accident.

How Did this Happen?

Head-on collisions can happen in a number of ways, often when a driver crosses the median into oncoming traffic. This can be a result of various things, including:

These collisions can also occur when one driver turns the wrong way on a one-way street. However the accident occurred, injuries sustained from a head-on collision are often severe and can prove fatal. You need to get an experienced, committed attorney on your side as soon as possible to help guide you through this difficult time and get all the help you can.

Securing Resources for Severe Injuries

Because the force of a head-on collision is so great, these types of accidents can cause catastrophic injuries, including:

These injuries could require long stays at the hospital, multiple surgeries or extensive rehabilitation. Getting the appropriate care can cost a great deal of money, which should be paid by the person who caused your accident, not you. A long recovery time can also mean that you are out of work for an extended period, making it even harder to pay accumulating bills. Let Sarah Nelson be the attorney on the front lines, fighting for you while you fight to recover your physical health.

Wrongful Death Claims

The extreme force of head-on collisions makes these types of accidents more likely than others to be fatal. If you’ve suffered the loss of a loved one in such a senseless tragedy, Sarah Nelson can represent you with diligence and compassion to get you the best possible settlement in the wake of the accident. While money can’t change what happened, a fair settlement can go a long way towards easing your transition into a new future.

Sarah Nelson, P.C. knows firsthand how insurance companies work, and she’s committed to using that knowledge on your behalf. Contact us online or call (503) 417-4227 to schedule your free, confidential consultation.