Road Hazards & Water Hazards in Portland

road water hazardBikers are vulnerable on the road, both because they lack protection against other vehicles and because road conditions affect them so much more than they do cars. For a car, a pothole or a puddle is hardly a concern — a car’s thick wheels and sturdy frame mitigate most of the danger. Bikers, however, are much closer to the ground and ride on a much smaller frame with much narrower wheels. Therefore, bikers can feel every bump in the roadway, and are at much higher risk for injury if road conditions are dangerous. An unexpected road danger can cause a biker to slip, topple over or even fly over the handlebars. If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident caused by a dangerous road condition, you may have a valid legal claim and a way to collect compensation to pay for medical bills and other expenses.

Dangers in the Road

Any unexpected road defect can wreak havoc on a biker in ways that would not affect cars. Bikers can lose control when encountering any of the following:

  • Potholes
  • Puddles
  • Train tracks
  • Sewer grates
  • Sand and gravel

Injuries sustained from a bike accident can range from abrasions to broken bones and head injuries. A bike accident can also send a cyclist careening into traffic, where he or she would be at risk for greater injury.

Bikers deserve to have safe road conditions just like cars do. When you’re injured because of negligent road maintenance, you deserve fair compensation for your injuries and other damages. If you’ve been injured because of any of these or similar road conditions, Sarah Nelson, P.C., can help.

Hidden Dangers Can Be Perilous

Sometimes old railroad tracks have been paved over and are not clearly visible. However, if the paving hasn’t been maintained, the tracks may surface and cause a rut that could catch a bike wheel.

A puddle wouldn’t seem to be a great hazard to bikers, but it could be: A puddle hides the depth or dimensions of what lies underneath. A biker who rides through a puddle expecting a similarly flat surface all the way through can be surprised by a hidden pothole, and find him or herself flying over the handlebars.

Who is Responsible for Road Hazards?

The person who owns the property that contains the dangerous road condition is the one liable for any injuries you sustain on that property. Unless your injury happened at a private residence or in a commercial parking lot, chances are you will be dealing with a government entity to resolve your claim. Whoever owns the property is responsible for making sure that property is safe for bikers and drivers alike. When they fail in that duty and you are injured as a result, you deserve proper compensation to help you deal with the aftermath of your injuries.

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