Helping Victims of Bicycle Accidents in Portland

bike accidentsBike-Friendly Doesn’t Mean Bike-Safe

Portland is Bike City, U.S.A. While it is regarded as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the United States, having more bicyclists on the road also means more bicycle accidents. At Sarah Nelson, P.C., we represent bicycle accident victims in lawsuits against negligent drivers. Our goal is to get our clients compensation for their injuries suffered in bike accidents — helping them move forward afterward.

Because bicyclists are not protected by airbags, seat belts and the other protective equipment included in cars, they are more likely to come in contact with the road or other vehicles during crashes. This can lead to serious injuries such as neck, back and spine injuries and serious brain damage. In the most serious accidents, it can result in the wrongful death of even of the most careful cyclist.

Drivers have a duty to watch out for bicyclists who share their roads, but investigations often reveal that distracted drivers are to blame for bicycle accidents. Distracted drivers cause bicycle and car accidents when they talk on their cell phones, text, eat or change the radio stations — anything but look at the road — while behind the wheel. The result? They fail to see smaller vehicles, like bikes, and often make poor driving decisions. This includes turning into bike lanes or changing lanes without looking or signaling.

Pushing for Settlement While Preparing for Trial

It’s the opposite of what you’d expect: Preparing extensively for trial in a bicycle accident lawsuit actually increases your chances of reaching a favorable settlement. This is because insurance companies are more likely to offer you compensation when they know that you are likely to win at trial.

That’s why we focus extensively on trial preparation. We conduct thorough investigations of all the facts involved in your accident, and we often partner with highly regarded experts who can testify on behalf of our clients in court. Because insurance companies know we are ready for trial, they often offer our clients favorable settlements.

Of course, whether to accept a settlement offer is always your decision. We will never make it for you. While we will tell you what you can expect at trial and offer our advice about the best actions to take, the ultimate choice is yours. If you choose to proceed to trial, we are ready and willing to take forceful action.

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