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Intersection Car Accidents in the 1930s?

I frequently write about dangerous intersections in Portland and the surrounding Oregon areas.  Dangerous intersections can lead to car accidents.  They also lead to pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents.  Recognizing that and adding technological and other fixes to help make those intersections safer decreases those car accidents, pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents. 

Photos Behind the Wheel are Car Accidents Waiting to Happen

To those of us from different generations, the phenomenon of the 'selfie' is laughably absurd.  To Portland car accident attornies, it can be dangerous and even deadly.  So much so, that I wrote about the phenomenon recently in this blog.

New Crash Test Standards Aimed at Protecting Young Children

We've all seen those crash test dummy commercials.  Crash testing is serious business when it comes to car accident injury prevention and overall driving safety.  The U.S. Department of Transportation recently announced a new addition to the federal motor vehicle safety standards aimed at protecting small children in car seats.  What took so long?

Texting and Driving Car Accidents and Government Crackdowns

I've written many times about the efforts of those in the public and private sector to combat the problem of texting and driving and associated car accidents.  Public awareness campaigns, passing (and regularly updating) effective laws, and the effective and uniform enforcement of those laws are all critical to combatting the newest, most dangerous phenomenon on our nation's roads.

Car Accidents at Train Crossings

Today, I'm posting a video about how to avoid getting hit by a train.  Yes, I'm serious. And, no, it's not one of those old silent videos with someone tying someone to the tracks.  It's an actual safety video designed to prevent car accidents in train crossings.  At a minimum, it's kind of entertaining.