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November 2011 Archives

In wake of safety probe, GM offers Volt owners loaner cars

Monday, this blog discussed the potential fire hazards in the Chevrolet Volt that have raised the concerns of federal safety officials. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently launched a formal probe after several preliminary crash tests of the Chevy Volt resulted in the batteries on the vehicles erupting into flames, at least one occurring weeks after a crash.

Chevy Volt undergoes federal safety probe for potential product defect

Friday, federal safety authorities opened an investigation into a potential product defect in popular hybrid plug-in vehicle. Several crash tests revealed a potential dangerous safety defect in the Chevrolet Volt hybrid automobile. The crash tests showed that the car could burst into flames in a car accident.

Pedestrian Accident Averted: TriMet Driver Rescues Toddler

The blog spends a lot of print space talking about all manner of pedestrian accident issues in Portland and throughout Oregon.  Although relatively infrequent, accidents involving TriMet buses are more public and, therefore, more highly publicized.  It seems like every week we hear a story about a bus driver who hit a pedestrian or MAX running over a walker.

Northeast Portland Bicycling Center Funded For New Project

The best Portland bicycle accident lawyers watch the goings-on on the Portland bicycle scene.  Bicycle safety developments, and even more general developments in the bicycling community at large, raise awareness and promote safe bicycling.

Hillsdale Man in Pedestrian Accident With TriMet Bus

Most years when the weather turns, Portland pedestrian accident attorneys see an uptick in pedestrian versus car accidents.  Roads are slippery and so are sidewalks, and driving rain like we have seen in the Portland area this week can make pedestrians hard to see.  The difference in the weather can be magnified by a distracted or impaired driver.  The results can be catastrophic.

Snowy roads lead to increase in Oregon car accidents

With the holiday season on the doorstep, and the increase in miles traveled on Oregon's roads that come with the holidays, Mother Nature is certainly stopping by to say hello. Parts of Oregon saw significant precipitation, including snowfall late last week. Central Oregon was reportedly covered with a blanket of snow and slush on Friday, leading to an increase in car accidents.

Car Accident Update: Thanksgiving the Most Dangerous Holiday

Most everyone knows that holiday travel can be dangerous travel.  Car accident numbers spike nearly annually in the holiday season.  There are many reasons for this, including the greater number of drivers on the road and the sometimes inclement weather. 

Distracted Driving Car Accident Problem a Focus of National Event

Distracted driving is the number one killer of teens according to a study by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in conjunction with State Farm Insurance and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  That is how bad the distracted driving car accident problem has gotten.

VA van crashes on Highway 140, one dead, two injured

A 51-year veteran was killed while being transported for medical care in a Department of Veterans Affairs van. The VA van was involved in a single-vehicle accident on Highway 140 Monday. The Oregon State Police say the van was en route to the Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinic in White City with two passengers when the car accident occurred.

Pedestrian Accident Law: Civil and Criminal Law Overlap

The blog frequently discusses the intersection of civil and criminal law when it comes to car accident and pedestrian accident cases.  When someone is driving recklessly and causes a car accident, or driving drunk or distracted, they often receive a traffic citation.  That infraction can then be used as evidence in a civil trial seeking to hold the reckless driver civilly liable for the personal injuries they have caused.

Head-on Highway 219 accident leaves four seriously injured

A devastating head-on collision amid slow traffic near Newburg late last week sent at least four people to the hospital with serious personal injuries. Three of the accident victims were airlifted to the hospital. The Oregon State Police say the car accident occurred just before 8:00 p.m. Thursday evening on Highway 219.

Car Accident Update: Car Crash Spree Results in Lengthy Sentence

There's bad driving.  There's reckless driving.  Then there's the kind of car accident spree that netted a Hillsboro man up to twenty years under psychiatric supervision.  The man hit three cars and a motorcycle and a judge hit him with a heavy sentence in a state mental hospital.  As always, names are withheld for privacy.

Car Accident Watch: Pop Star Warns Against Texting While Drivin

You may think the blog is a broken record on this point.  Just like drunk driving, if you text message and drive, at some point, you will cause a car accident.  Text messaging and driving is that dangerous. 

Salem, Oregon Pedestrian Accident Scares Parents Everywhere

If you are a parent, there are times when you are filled with fear in letting your child out of the house.  The first time you send them to school.  The first time they went outside to play by themselves with a friend.  One of the top fears is your child being hit by a car in a pedestrian accident.

Wrong-way driver in fatal accident on I-105 may also have been drunk

A fatal accident on Tuesday night near the Willamette River Bridge reportedly may have involved alcohol. A 75-year-old Eugene man is accused of drunk driving related to the wrong-way fatal car accident on Interstate 105. Both drunk driving accidents and wrong-way accidents often garner significant news headlines.

Four students injured in crash involving two buses

Four Oregon high school students were injured in a Hillsboro school bus accident late last week. Authorities say two school buses were involved in the accident on Brookwood Parkway just north of the U.S. Highway 26 overpass. One of the buses reportedly ran into the second bus, which had stopped at a red light. The bus driver that caused the rear-end motor vehicle accident was reportedly cited for careless driving after the crash.

CDC: Sharp increase on head injury related ER visits

Emergency room visits have soared over the past decade for kids who have suffered head injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC says a growing number of America's children have visited the emergency to have head injuries checked out. While a large number of the traumatic brain injuries have occurred in athletic activities, and significant number of the brain injuries occurred in some form of bicycle accident.

Pedestrian Accident Watch: New Portland Sidewalk Plan Derailed

The blog has frequently written about the importance of sidewalks to pedestrian safety and pedestrian accident prevention.  It's true in cities and it's true in rural areas.  On the edge of the city, where the residents still depends on their feet to commute, sidewalks can be hard to come by.  That means the all important buffer between walker and car is absent.  The 'warning track' can save lives and its absence can mean a pedestrian accident where none would have otherwise occured.

Former Olympic hopeful undergoes surgery after crash, sister killed

With the changing of the season, it is important to remember the dangers that can arise on Oregon's roads during inclement weather. A tragic series of multi-vehicle accidents during freezing temperatures on the East Coast highlights the dangers that slick roads can create. Ice reportedly formed on an East Coast expressway early Sunday morning. Cars began to spin out on the ice. More cars arrived in the area, and as gawkers looked at the earlier accidents, more car accidents piled up.

Pedestrian Accident Update: Statistics Alarming

One of the most valuable websites for a Portland pedestrian accident attorney is found at  The site publishes a number of valuable statistics and safety measures.  It is also an incredibly valuable tool for motorists and walkers alike. 

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