Defective Products

Every year, countless Americans are injured by defective products. Defective products can range from children's toys, car seats or cribs, to household appliances, furniture or electronics.

Whether the product was defectively designed or a particular unit was simply manufactured incorrectly, product defects can and do cause serious personal injuries and even wrongful death. Failure to warn about the risks of a particular product, or failure to properly instruct on its use, can also provide a basis for maintaining a lawsuit and recovering damages.

The Law Protects You From Defective Products

Protect liability in Portland is governed by statute, and there is a detailed and rich body of law covering when and how someone injured by a defective product can recover monetary damages for their injuries.

The victim of a defective product accident can sue the manufacturer, distributor, seller or lessor of the injury-causing product. One who sells or leases any product in an unreasonably dangerous condition will be strictly liable for any resulting personal injuries or wrongful death if the seller is in the business of selling those types of products and the product reached the end user without any substantial change in its condition. Under certain circumstances, a person injured by a defective product can recover punitive damages.

Alteration, modification or misuse of a product can provide a defense to the defendant in a personal injury claim.

Don't Wait To Seek Justice

Time is of the essence in seeking out help to recover for damages if you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product. Delay can mean loss of crucial manufacturing or design evidence. A defective product lawyer can immediately request all prior incidents related to the product and obtain samples for testing with an expert.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, call an experienced Portland defective product lawyer.

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