Truck Accidents

By the sheer nature of the size of the participants, truck accidents are high-impact, high-injury accidents. There are millions of trucks on the road every day, oftentimes at odd hours and in inclement weather conditions. Rigs and semis are inherently unpredictable, so much so that regulations directly govern the conduct of their drivers.

Quick Action Is Essential After A Trucking Accident

Trucking companies are likely to push the envelope, however, requiring their drivers to drive long hours with little rest. Cutting corners to enhance the bottom line can mean trucks on the highway lacking in proper maintenance or relying on worn out parts.The result is a staggering number of trucking accidents on Oregon's roads and highways every year.

A trucking injury attorney can take a number of important steps right away if you have been the victim of an accident involving a truck, including obtaining all company documentation about:

  • Prior incidents involving the company, truck and driver
  • Maintenance and log books
  • Incident reports
  • Training/background materials

Crucial evidence can be lost if swift action is not taken.

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