The Motorcycle Accident Representation You Need

Motorcycle accidents often lead to life-changing injuries. If you've been hurt, even things that used to be simple can feel overwhelming, and taking legal action can feel like the last thing you want to manage. But, taking legal action can be a key step for moving forward after an accident. It can help you recover the compensation needed to get the care and support you require.

Make Sure Insurers Provide What You've Been Paying For

For years now, you have probably been paying for motor vehicle insurance. So has the other person involved in your accident. Both of you paid because you were required by law, and an insurance company somewhere would then set aside money to pay claims by injured people.

Now that you have been injured, you have the choice to take action and claim the compensation you are entitled to. At the Portland law offices of Sarah Nelson, P.C., we will help you do it.

A Big Accident On A Small Vehicle

Given the size disparity between motorcycles and cars, motorcycle accidents can and often do produce serious personal injuries or even wrongful death. The motorcyclist is far more likely than an auto passenger to come into direct contact with the pavement or another car.

The size disparity also means that the motorcycle driver is far more likely to go unseen by a distracted or drunk driver of an automobile.

All this means it is no surprise that motorcycles accidents are dangerous and potentially deadly.

Sarah Nelson represents people who have been injured in motorcycle accidents in the Portland area and throughout the Willamette Valley and Oregon Coast. We know that our injured clients and their families have enough to deal with, so we take the burden off their shoulders and focus on maximum recovery with minimal intrusion.

Putting Our Experience To Work For You

As experienced lawyers, we have in-depth knowledge of the laws and legal procedures that affect motorcyclists in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. We use our knowledge to our clients' advantage in Oregon courts.

In motorcycle accident cases, your lawyer's in-depth knowledge is critical to your success for several reasons. The first is that motorcyclists often face biases on the road and in the courtroom, and it can be difficult to convince juries of their sides of the stories — even if the motorcyclists followed every safety regulation. A skilled Portland motorcycle accident lawyer knows how to present your case to an Oregon jury in a way they can understand and identify with.

The second is that the injuries involved are often severe. Motorcycles, by their very nature, are built without the airbags, seatbelts and other protective equipment that keep drivers safe in car accidents or truck accidents. When motorcycle crashes occur, bikers often hit the pavement. This can lead to life-changing neck, back and spine injuries, as well as lost limbs, scarring and disfigurement, brain injuries/brain damage and wrongful death.

Contact A Portland Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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