Car Accidents

When you're in a car accident, your life can change in a second. You may not have even had time to react when the accident happened, but now you're having to make time to deal with head trauma, broken bones, facial injuries or internal injuries, which can require expensive treatments or surgeries. Injuries from a car accident may also put you out of work for a time, creating a recipe for overwhelming bills — all from an accident you didn't cause.

Help Is Here After Your Car Accident

At the Portland law office of Sarah Nelson, P.C., we represent people injured in car accidents in the Portland area and throughout Oregon — from wine country in Yamhill County and McMinnville to the Astoria and Seaside on the Oregon Coast. Sarah handles many different kinds of car accident cases, from the minor to the catastrophic, including neck, back and spine injuries and serious brain injuries. We also represent the surviving family members of people killed in fatal accidents.

If you've suffered injuries in a car accident, don't deal with the insurance company on your own. Multnomah County personal injury lawyer Sarah Nelson offers free initial consultations to car accident injury victims and their families. To schedule yours, call us locally at 503-928-8053.

Working With Experts To Reconstruct Your Accident

Often, our work involves finding and interviewing witnesses to the accident and hiring experts such as accident reconstructionists, investigators, vocational rehabilitationists and life-care planners. These experts review the facts of the case and give their opinions, preparing to testify in court about how a driver's negligence led to personal injury.

When we take a case, we often have an expert visit the scene of the accident to record skid marks and debris or review the damage to the motor vehicles involved. This critical evidence can be used to prove to judges and juries just who ran a red light, made an illegal turn, or caused a T-bone accident or a rollover.

Experience From The Trenches Of Insurance Companies

Before becoming a plaintiff's auto accident injury attorney, Sarah Nelson was an in-house lawyer for one of Oregon's largest insurance companies. In that position, she learned the strategies that big insurance companies use to minimize the amounts they pay accident victims. She was good at the job. In fact, she was awarded West Coast Trial Lawyer of the Year in 2007 for the number of successful trials she handled.

But Sarah Nelson does not work for insurance companies anymore; she works only for people like you — accident victims and their families — helping them bring lawsuits against negligent drivers, property owners and other negligent parties to collect from their insurance companies. As a plaintiff's lawyer, she uses her knowledge of the insurance business to make companies pay for the harm caused by the drivers they insure.

Contact A Multnomah County Personal Injury Attorney

Contact Sarah Nelson, P.C., to schedule a confidential legal consultation about your Oregon car accident injuries at no cost or obligation. You may call us at 503-928-8053. You may also contact us online to start talking with a Portland car accident attorney.