Portland Car Accident Lawyer Free Consultations: A Meaningful Free Initial Legal Consultation Can Be Critical to Recovering for Your Accident Injury

Unlike some other areas of law, it is common for a Portland personal injury lawyer to offer a free consultation to newly injured clients. But, when it comes to actually taking the first step toward recovering compensation for the injuries you suffered in an accident, not all "free consultations" are created the same.

Regardless of the type of accident-a car accident, a bicycle accident, a pedestrian accident or some other injury causing accident-and regardless of the type of injury-from simple soft tissue or whiplash, to serious neck, back and spine injuries or traumatic brain injury, all the way to wrongful death-a free consultation, if conducted in a meaningful way, can and should be the first step toward achieving a fair compensation for the injuries you've suffered.

If you have been injured, you are likely to have heard one side of the story-and that is the side of the insurance company. You have probably been contacted by an adjuster and gently talked off you case. They probably asked you to make a recorded statement about what you've been through-a statement made without the benefit of legal counsel-so they can later use it against you. The insurance company representative may already have made you an offer that the company thinks appropriately compensates you for your injury.

A free initial consultation by a top Portland personal injury lawyer is the first step to getting the other side of the story.

But the best personal injury lawyers are busy people. The more successful and aggressive the personal injury lawyer, the more clients they are likely to have. That means, for many lawyers, the "free consultation" can be viewed as more of a hassle than a critical exercise for their potential clients.

At Sarah Nelson, P.C., I do not fall into that trap. When I say I give free consultations to victims of injuries, I mean it. I take the time to listen to your case. I get to know the facts and circumstances of the accident and the injuries that it caused. While a thorough and aggressive investigation is required to truly build your case, you will walk away from the initial consultation with as clear an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your case as I can possibly give you.

If I cannot add value to your case, or on the rare occasion that you've received a fair offer from the insurance company-I will tell you to so and I will be honest with you about your case.

No case is too small. A minor whiplash victim will have my attention and my focus in exactly the same way as a paralysis victim. I cannot promise a particular result when I undertake to represent you in your personal injury case, but I can promise you will get everything I have from the minute you walk in my door for the free consultation. Not every lawyer can make that promise, and even fewer deliver.

The free initial legal consultation is the beginning of the road to recovery, and I treat it seriously.