Former Insurance Company Lawyer Who Knows What Buttons to Push

You Focus On Your Physical Recovery. Let Sarah Nelson Focus On Your Financial Recovery.

You know it's an important choice. They all look the same. How do you decide which attorney to choose in helping you fight the insurance companies for the money you need to start your financial recovery from a car accident or other serious injury? Could you do it alone? Would you get the same compensation with a phone call to an adjuster as you would with a lawyer who uses his or her experience and tenacity to make your strongest possible legal case? Do you have the time to fight with the insurance company for your financial recovery while you're focused on your physical recovery, or your job, or your family or maybe just having a life? The insurance companies are betting that you don't have the experience, the time, the tenacity or the energy for the fight. Think about it. To them, it's about numbers. You are a number.

What makes Portland car accident attorney Sarah Nelson different? The answer is simple and rare.

Sarah Nelson spent nearly a decade working inside one of the nation's largest insurance companies defending against the very claims that you now need to make.

Sarah knows insurance companies, and she knows how they give the runaround to the people who have been injured in car accidents. She knows what levers to pull. She knows what moves them to action. Sarah knows insurance claims and she knows insurance companies. Whether you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident or through some other type of negligence, Sarah's goal is to achieve maximum recovery with minimal hassle into your daily life.

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An Oregon Personal Injury Attorney With Unique Experience

Sarah knows insurance companies, and after well over 100 trials and arbitrations, insurance companies know Sarah. They know they can't simply give her the runaround or stall and drag out the process and make her give up and take a smaller settlement than her clients deserve. They know that Sarah will take them to trial and call them to task in front of a jury. True preparation and years of credibility mean you're far more likely to get a fair settlement than you would be by just picking up the phone, or even hiring someone without the credibility Sarah has.

Ask around. Ask questions about experience. And then ask yourself if you met any other attorney who knows accident injury claims and tussling with insurance companies like Sarah Nelson does.

Sarah Has The Tenacity And Experience To Fight For You So You Don't Have To

You'll find that Sarah's experience is unique and so is her approach to helping clients. She knows you have a life. She knows you'd rather that life not be dominated by receiving the compensation you deserve. The reality is that an injury caused by another's negligence can lead to serious physical and financial turmoil. As a result of your injury, you may be unable to support yourself and your family for some period of time, or in some cases permanently. The costs of your medical care can be a huge burden. The financial turmoil can be so significant that it can bring you to the brink of bankruptcy. With the stakes so high, you shouldn't go it alone.

But not all cases are catastrophic. Sometimes, you find yourself the victim of a simple rear-end collision. That doesn't mean you didn't experience pain, or miss work or amass some medical costs. Sometimes it's the small cases that are the hardest to collect on. The insurance company thinks you'll quit over a few thousand dollars, and usually they won't stop trying until you do. You need to show them you will stand up for yourself even if the recovery isn't in the millions. Sarah Nelson can help you do that.

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