Former Insurance Company Lawyer Who Knows What Buttons to Push

Getting The Money You Deserve After A Personal Injury Accident

When you've been in a car accident or another personal injury accident, your physical injuries are not the only part of your life that is impacted. The financial impact on you and your family can last long after you injuries are healed. When you've been seriously injured, you wouldn't try to recover physically without a medical professional. If you try and recover financially without a legal professional, you and your family may never fully recover.

How To Choose Your Attorney

You know it's an important choice. On paper, your options may all look the same. How do you decide which attorney can protect your rights after an accident? Do you need a personal injury lawyer at all? Will you get the same result by calling an insurance adjuster on your own?

Dealing with insurance companies is in many ways the most important aspect of getting the money you need after an accident. It takes experience and time to fight with the insurance company for what you are owed. The insurance companies are betting that you don't have the knowledge, the tenacity or the energy for that fight. They know how to prey on your inexperience. Their only goal is to close your case with as little financial cost as possible. If you are left in financial and physical distress after they are done, that is a win for them.

Inside The Insurance Company

Attorney Sarah Nelson knows how insurance companies view accident victims. She spent nearly a decade working for one of the largest insurance companies in the country. She learned what insurance companies do to people who have been hurt through the negligence of others. It drove her to change sides and fight for the people who really deserve it: accident victims like you.

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You need help getting the money you deserve after your accident. Between the tricks used to cast blame on innocent accident victims to the red tape used to bully them into accepting minimal compensation, there is too much at stake to go it alone. Contact our Oregon law firm, Sarah Nelson, P.C., by calling 503-928-8053 or by emailing us as soon as possible.